Hier ist eine Liste der Norn-Rassen, die ich bei mir installiert habe.

Here is a list of Norn-Breeds, I have installed on my computer.

Bild Name Slot Download
Hebe Norn h Creatures 2 Standard
Emerald Norn i Creatures 2 Standard
Pixi Norn j Creatures 2 Standard
Goldy Norn k Creature Labs (Gameware)
Frog Norn l Creature Labs (Gameware)
Mer Norn m Adventures in Nornsitting!
Mimikry Norn n Dreams of Albia
Albia Gray Norn o Creatures Unlimited
Bird Norn p Mummy's Creatures
Scorpio Norn s Adventures in Nornsitting!
Tiki Norn t Norn Trek Academy
Candy Cane Norn v Aqualbia
Sibirian Wulf Norn w Liobas Norn-Meeting und Simonia's Creatures2 World
Spotted Norn y Simonia's Creatures2 World
Winged Desert Grendel d Alien's Creatures World
Winged Emerald Grendel e Alien's Creatures World
Winged Pixi Grendel f Alien's Creatures World
Hippi Grendel h Trinity's World
Ladybird Grendel l Mummy's Creatures
Mickey Grendel m Dreams of Albia
Findhao Grendel o Maeyna's Page
Blizzard Grendel q Aqualbia
Daffodil Pixi Grendel r Dreams of Albia
Flora Grendel t Amanora's Creatures
Uriel Grendel u The Creatures of Avalon
Space Grendel v Kari's Page
Midsummer Grendel w The Creatures of Avalon und Amanora's Creatures
Strawberry Grendel x Luzzquarium
Red Orchid Grendel y The The Mystical Forests of Albia und Marco's WolfingRun Welt
Killi Grendel z Göttliche Kreaturen
Bilba Ettin b The Creatures of Avalon
Christmas Ettin c ZauberAlbia
Camelot Ettin f The Creatures of Avalon
Snowfairy Ettin g The Creatures of Avalon
Ivy Ettin i Göttliche Kreaturen
Dewa Ettin j Amanora's Creatures
Konfetti Ettin k ZauberAlbia
Purple Flame Ettin l Seren's Norns
Starelf Ettin m The Mystical Forests of Albia
Zodiac Ettin o Mummy's Creatures
Duck Ettin r Aqualbia
Schlumpf Ettin s Marco's WolflingRun Welt
Furry Ettin x Göttliche Kreaturen
DigiPoint Ettin y Pupsys Welt
Morrigan's Lake Ettin v The Creatures of Avalon
Wolfling Ettin w Dreams of Albia und Amanora's Creatures
Angel Geat a The Creatures of Avalon
Butterfly Geat b Norn Trek Academy und Virtual Amberz
Fantasia Geat f Mummy's Creatures
Goat Geat g Marco's WolflingRun Welt
Sunny Geat h The Creatures of Avalon
Blueberry Geat i The Creatures of Avalon
Kai Geat k Adventures in Nornsitting! und The Palace of the Evil Shee
Higgledy Piggledy Geat l The Creatures of Avalon
Paradise Geat m Mummy's Creatures
Valentine Geat n Mummy's Creatures
Shiny Geat o The Creatures of Avalon
Pegasus Geat p Marco's WolflingRun Welt
Giraffen Geat q Aqualbia
Season Geat r Aqualbia
Bavaria Geat t Mummy's Creatures
Uni Geat u Adventures in Nornsitting!
Foxi Geat x Mummy's Creatures
Stella Geat y Mummy's Creatures
Zebra Geat z Mummy's Creatures

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